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Wealth Management

Our wealth management research and investment house develops strategies that will fulfill each client’s real return requirement within the agreed upon volatility levels and time frames, net of all fees and applicable taxes. Fundamental to the entire investment management process is the team’s belief in the value of rigorous research and analysis. This is achieved with input from an experienced global investment team based offshore. Much useful input is also gleaned from an extensive network of research sources, both academic and practicing, around the world.

The team’s investment approach is based on a conservative investment philosophy built around four key principles, which we believe remain constant regardless of market circumstances:

  • quality: purchasing strong earnings streams with low investment risk
  • value: paying sensible prices for investments to ensure good returns
  • diversity: spreading investment risk across assets and asset classes
  • time: allowing returns to compound, not relying on timing decisions

The Investment Process

The investment process comprises four key steps:

Developing the Investment Strategy

This process involves selecting suitable asset classes and forecasting the risks, returns and correlations of each. A proprietary optimiser tool is used to derive the most efficient combinations of asset classes and set strategic asset allocations. The process is not purely mechanistic and informed judgment is applied to assess the likely risk, return and practicality of the proposed investment strategy. This process is reviewed periodically.

Appointing Managers

This involves finding the most appropriate managers for particular asset classes through qualitative and quantitative analyses. When necessary, various managers with complementary mandates are assessed to determine the most suitable combination for a specific asset class. Once managers have passed our rigorous screening process, they are awarded a very detailed mandate and are subject to ongoing monitoring. They are required to adhere to the highest standards of transparency and communication. In the meantime, research of all other potential managers continues on an ongoing basis.

Constructing the Portfolio

Constructing the portfolio is the responsibility of the appointed asset class manager. The responsibility to ensure that the activities of the various managers are properly integrated and coordinated, and don’t work at cross-purposes to each is the responsibility of the research and investment house. This is particularly true in those cases where more than one manager has been appointed to manage a particular asset class.

Monitoring and Reporting

This vital part of the process is done with the help of detailed performance attribution analysis. This enables the team to precisely isolate the sources of strategy returns, whether strategic asset allocation decisions, financial market movements, manager security selection decisions and the like. The performance of the strategy is then reported to investors through several regular publications.