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Our Services

Group Benefits

Quoin Wealth comprises a team of employee benefit specialists and support staff. We help companies to set up and manage a customised pension or provident fund for executives or the entire workforce.

Our employee benefit services are carefully tailored to meet companies concerns and priorities. We assist members to achieve their retirement goals reliably through well researched advice, effective implementation and ongoing member communication and education.

At Quoin Wealth we provide you with the following benefits and services:

  • A progressive consulting process that assists retirement funds to adopt and implement investment strategies appropriate to the fund and/or individual members’ needs.
  • Formation of new pension and/or provident schemes.
  • Taking over or reviewing of existing schemes.
  • Reviewing and implementation of group insurance schemes, such as death, disability and dreaded disease cover.
  • Specialising in implementing effective ‘member communication’ programmes by helping members to understand benefit design, retirement needs, investment choice and behavioural finance principles.
  • Taking control of all retirement fund issues on your behalf and reporting back to you regularly.
  • Assisting companies to adapt to changes in legislation, investment markets, economic conditions and business circumstances.
  • Helping companies to manage their exposure to fiduciary risk.
  • A strategic partnership with a top research and investment management team that practices sound investment philosophies and processes.
  • Independent specialists in employee benefit consulting.
  • Qualified certified financial planners specialising in employee benefit consulting.

We assist companies to:

  • Structure and manage tax efficient employee packages.
  • Set up executive top- up schemes.Attract and retain quality staff.
  • Effectively communicate employee benefit packages to staff.

We assist members to:

  • Understand retirement funds and group benefits.
  • Achieve long-term retirement goals.Make informed financial decisions on:

I. Member choice (if applicable)
II. Resignation or retirement
III. Death and disability